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January 28, 2007



Love the new colors of your blog! Looks like you had a great time this past weekend. The book is awesome looking thru the pictures, so I imagine its unbelievable in person! I would love to take a class from Teresa, just from reading her blog, she sounds delightfully fun and sweet. Lucky you! It's cool how you combined your style with hers in your "Color Almanac". I'm really lovin' the "orange" page!


Hey Gina,
Looks like you girls had a blast!!
Are there any stores in downtown L.A. that you'd especially recommend? I am hoping to visit soon...
LOVE your color journal-yum


Hi Gina,
So excited that you got to take Teresa's what you made. She is a sweetheart, isn't she? OK, and you KNOW I've got to get a few packs of those stickers...$3.99!!!! HELP! More info needed on that store :)


I would LOVE to hear more about this class. Your book is FABULOUS!! I'm doing a similar book on my own and have a few q's. Please email me at [email protected]

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