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January 19, 2007



Hi gina, love your journal and your pages. I too enjoy showing my journals to people. I never really thought about someone reading it, but leave it to Kelly she was looking in it and found her name, how funny... I didn't care cuz it is very RARELY that I will NOT like someone... Keep posting your Art I LOVE to look at it. Hugs Tammie


LOL, Tammie's comment cracked me up...I'm a voyeur when it comes to art journaling, what can I say? At least I admit it!!
This is MY two cents on Journaling:
Anything goes. Journaling doesn't have to be "Today I did this..." blah blah blah. It can be spur of the moment things. It can be quote or song lyric driven. It can be good. It can be bad. I put Everything and Anything in MY journal 'cause that's it-it is MY journal. I always figure that if someone has a bad moment and puts it out on paper -they're trying to resolve a situation. We ALL have good days AND bad days. It's a GOOD thing to get both the positive AND the negative out. I figure if I journal about my husband or someone in my family in a so called "Bad" way then they will realize we all have good and bad days but that the good often outshines the bad. I don't want my journals destroyed when I croak, I want them to go to my son whom I hope will cherish them as much as I have.
If you have something REALLY badt hat you have to get out, get it out and immediately paint or collage over it. who's gonna see it? Your journal is for YOU.
LOL And as far as Tammie goes, Tammie girl, you have never written anything bad that would ever make me upset! You are a true friend and we all have good AND bad days!
I have been posting ALL of my journal pages lately as often as I can on my blog...Hey, gotta figure it's MY journal and MY blog ;)
(PS Sorry if there are any typos or if it is redundant. I just got back from teaching at Violets in Ventura-GREAT day) but I didn't get any sleep last night at all and I"m exhausted :)
Stay well,

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