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October 08, 2006


Maija Lepore

The colors look so beautiful! My walls are very similar to your ale and my kitchen is painted warm have such great taste!


Gina, I love the new look of your blog! I can tell something has changed within your creative side - you've spread your wings and taken a different route! I also LOVE the pumpkin people on your windowsill!! Too cute!


Love your spooky stuff and absolutely LOVE the crimson walls!! You are right about journaling without much thought and purpose. Kind of like creating for process instead of focusing on the end product. But it is defiantely a challenge to do so! Shut off the critics, and just let it all go where it will!
Cheers to you, your journal and your crimson walls!


HI there! I am with you on the brain gets me stuck! I am more of a free spirit too...just go with it. I love your journal :) and color on the walls is so wonderful!

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