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September 01, 2006



What a great goal...finding joy! I think we spread it in our actions. Wishing you a joyful day.


Michele Unger


Who can get enough of joy? I think your intent of journaling your day to day events with a 'joyful purpose' is wonderful! I believe that we find (mostly) what we seek, so I have tried to be careful what I've looked for and have tried to live with intent.

I wish you happiness, health and JOY!

All the best,

deb trotter

I should have known you would be as beautiful outside as you are inside. What a lovely photo - and it seems to say, "joy."

Nice blog re-do, by the way!




Gina, I just love it - finding joy, knowing joy, savoring it and passing it on - that really is what makes life worth living. I will put this new blog (love the new graphics) on my daily must read list!!
I struggle with this question every day and in my just before sleep reflections, I try and find what really did bring me pleasure each day. Usually it is something simple and from nature but not always - I think it a very worthwhile practice. I miss you and am sad about Artfest 07 but hope we can keep in touch anyway.
Love, Ginny

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